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Der erste uns namentlich bekannte Vertreter der Familien Martin ist Johann Martin, geboren 1600 in Helmstadt bei Würzburg, Bayern. Er war um 1652 Schultheiss in Helmstadt als sein Sohn Johannes Martin die Schultheissentochter Anna Winckler aus Trennfeld heiratet und nach Trennfeld umgezogen ist. Sein Sohn Bartholomäus hatte fünf Kinder auf die sich die zwei der bisher veröffentlichen Linien aus Helmstadt beziehen.

Johannes Martin (geboren 1626) ist der Stammvater aller Trennfelder und vieler anderen Familienzweige der Martins in der Region u.a. in Erlenbach, Esselbach, Homburg, Rettersheim und vieler im 19 Jahrhundert nach Australien und in die USA ausgewanderter Familien Martin.

Bis heute (05/2011) haben wir mehr als 18.500 Personen und mehr als 6.700 Familien aus diesen Linen erfasst. Das Internet gibt den Ahnenforschern in Australien, Kanada und USA, aber auch in Deutschland die Chance direkt, in den veröffentlichten Stammbäumen, nach gemeinsamen Vorfahren und Querverbindungen zu suchen. Unser internationales Projektteam plant noch viele weitere Informationen Online zur Verfügung zu stellen. Ihre Anregungen und Beiträge (in Text und Bild) sind uns immer Willkommen.

About The Martin & Schneider History
by Kenneth Scarpinato

I would like to thank all the family for generously contributing their knowledge, personal experiences, and fond memories of our family history. Without their benevolence, kind wisdom, and endless support, the window to the history of our family would have never been opened.

Our special thanks to:

My mother Virginia Scarpinato,
with whom I spent countless hours talking to her about the family.
Leona Scarpinato from Chatham, NY
Adam Schneider from Mesa, Arizona
Catherine Schneider from Farmingdale, NY
Jimmy Schneider from Glendale, NY
Hugo E. Martin from Berlin, Germany
Hans Martin from Würzburg, Germany
Monika Liebler from Trennfeld, Germany
Marianne Klueg from Trennfeld, Germany
Stephen Martin from Drysdale, Australia

and so many more ...

We also have to sincerely thank Edith Mueller and Burkhard Kuhn from Trennfeld, Germany whose books provided so much information about Trennfeld and its citizens. They deserve our sincere praise and admiration for all the time and research they put into their books.

This last year, 2002, was the most exciting and informative of all the previous years in researching our family. In February of this year while browsing through one of the genealogy sites I found a person Hugo E. Martin looking for anyone who had information on Johann Martin and Clara Ruck from Trennfeld, Germany. I knew theses names very well as they were my 4th Great Grandparents. I e-mailed Hugo who lives in Berlin and found out that Johann Martin and Clara Ruck were his 3rd Great Grandparents. This was first contact I had with a cousin from Germany.

Hugo then told me of our cousin Stephen Martin from Australia who had visited Trennfeld in September of 2000. Johann and Clara were Stephens 3rd Great Grandparents.

Hugo's line goes back to the 1st child Johann Martin of Johann and Clara. The Schneider's and their lines to present day go back to Joann and Clara's 2nd child Margarethe Martin. Stephen's line goes back to the 3rd child Adam Joseph Martin.

In March of 2002 I sent letters to Martin families living in Trennfeld, Germany. I sent it in English and German, with a chart showing my family tree on the Martin side. The chart included all my Great Grandparents from 1605 to my Grandmother Catherine Schneider Brenneis who was born 1898.

I already had contact with Hugo from Berlin and his father Hans Martin from Würzburg. Now I was hoping to contact other family members in Trennfeld. Four days after I sent the letters I received a call from Karl-Heinz Martin from Trennfeld. He was excited about talking to me and told me that we are related. He spoke mostly German with some English. The next day I received a phone call from a person saying he was calling on behave of Karl-Heinz. He spoke English and asked how he could help. We talked for a while and he said two of my relatives worked at the village hall. He would ask the two women if they could help.

On April 15 I had my next surprise. There was a package from a Monika Liebler from Trennfeld, Germany. Not knowing her, but seeing it was from Trennfeld I opened the package like it was a present from Santa under the Christmas tree. Reading the letter Monika said she is the daughter of Eugene Martin. She enclosed about 16 pages she photocopied from a book. On one the pages numbered 106 was a picture of the house Adam and Ursula owned before they left for the USA in February 1882. Now I had to have that book. I contacted Hugo asked if could inquire about getting the book for me. Hugo e-mailed me and said he would try to get book for me written by Edith Mueller. On April 28 Hugo told me he contacted the Edith and now has a copy of the book. Edith told him that in the year 2000 some descendants of the Martin family in Trennfeld visited from Australia.

Hugo then proceeded to make contact with Stephen from Australia. The next month was May, Hugo and I e-mail each other several times a week. I updated Hugo with information I gathered and Hugo sent me information when he obtained it. Hugo and I made corrections as needed to names and dates as more accurate information was provided. By the middle of June I had contacted Stephen from Australia. I sent him the information I had on our family. He was busy gathering his family history and putting it on a disc. When he finished about the middle of August he sent Hugo and I a wealth of information.

In July I received 2 books from Hugo. The first book 224 pages, was on the Houses of Trennfeld. This book listed the house number and who occupied the house. The book tells of the people from 1700 to 2000 the jobs of some, what they owned, and who inherited the house when they pasted on. It told the dates of marriages, births, and deaths. Every page had a picture of a house.

The other 430 page book as Trennfeld am Main. These books were written by Edith Müller and Burkhard Kuhn. On August 10 I received an e-mail from Marianne Klueg (maiden-name Martin). I had heard about her from Hugo who said she was working on genealogy of the Martins. She had heard about me from Hugo and Monika Liebler her cousin. Marianne took every name that was related to us from the book Houses of Trennfeld. She took that information plus all the information she received from Stephen, Hugo, Maureen and myself and put in order from 1605-2002.

The e-mail she sent me that day was a large spreadsheet. My computer printed out 55 pages of 8x14 inch paper. It had 941 names on it. It listed names, birth, marriage, death, towns of birth and death, house numbers, who they married, parents names, parents of the bride or groom and second marriages.

On May 17th Hugo approached me and asked whether I would be interested to publish my story on the Web. During a Family meeting in July in Trennfeld the idea of creating a Website was getting more concrete and the workforce was soon set up.
On December 23rd the Website martin-bavaria.de is Online, but my story is still not ready yet. And I hope to get some more inside and contacts from our extended families.

There so much more work yet to be done. This will be a never ending story. I pray that the next generation of our family will take over when we can no longer continue.

December 23rd, 2002